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How it actually works ?
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CozyUp allows you to generate extras sales pages by listing, with a checkout system. All you have to do is to insert your checkout URL in your automatic messages, QR code, description... for your guest! Et voila!
As a picture is worth 1000x words:

How much does CozyUp cost?
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CozyUp apply a fee on each order your receive. Our aim is to provide an affordable solution for all hosts. We only charge our customers if they receive orders. The commission is 7% for the host and 7% for the guest, for each order received. As an example, for a late checkout order of 10€, the guest will pay 10.70€ and you will receive 9.30€.

Is it possible to set deadlines on orders?
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Yes, you can set deadlines on each service offered to prevent last-minute orders, so that you have time to organize yourself to make the service available to the guest.

Am I free to set my own prices ?
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Of course! You are and will remain in control of your own rates for each of the services you will charge to your travellers

How will I receive income from my sales ?
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We use Stripe payment services for secured management of financial transactions. The income from your sales will be send directly to your Stripe account, until it is sent to your bank account.
In other words, the money is safe and not processed through CozyUp service.

When will I receive the money in my bank account ?
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On average, you receive the money within 3 to 10 days, after payment

Do travellers need to create an account to order my services ?
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No, no account creation is required. Travellers only need to provide banking information at the time of payment

Should travellers download an application ?
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No, we provide a web page to showcase your extras for each accommodations managed with CozyUp. Travellers will just have to select and pay for the desired extra services.

Is it legal to sell extras for a short-term rental property?
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Yes, it is completely legal for an individual or concierge service to sell extras services to their guests. We have written an article on this topic on our blog, you can read it here:

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