7 tips to boost your extra sales by 27% 📈


You've done it: you've sold your first extras with CozyUp!

And now you may be asking yourself the following questions:


"How can I boost my sales even more?"

"Is there a magic formula to get travelers to succumb every time?"


That's what we propose to see in this article through 6 tips to apply right away!


1) Once is good, twice is better 🚀


Did you insert your CozyUp link in your reservation confirmation message? Bravo!


However, if it was too far in advance, travelers may have thought:

Therefore, did you know that simply placing your link again, in a second message 48 hours before arrival, for example, could increase your sales?


One of our properties management user pointed it out to us and the difference is just incredible: +70% of their extra orders came from the second message!


2) Translate your extras into other languages 🇬🇧

⚠️ Update: Thanks to our new automatic translation feature, CozyUp takes care of automatically translating your extras!


If you receive foreign tourists in your accommodation, then put yourself in their place:

Would you order on a page where you do not understand the language? No!


It's simple: translating your extras could easily bring you a few additional orders...

notion image

3) The Importance of Being the Right Price 💰


Is it easier to sell an extra of 50€ in a night stay at 40€ or in a night stay at 200 €? You know the answer...


In fact, it's quite logical: when the traveler spends more on a night, they will be more likely to splurge on more expensive extras.


So try playing with your prices and/or offer different extras, then analyze the impact on your sales: guaranteed results 🙂


4) Work on the Copywriting of Your Extras ✍️


Copywriting is the art of selling with words.


Read the difference between these two extras:

notion image

Which one do you feel like buying more? Exactly, the second one!

Yet it is exactly the same product.


So take a few minutes to work on the description of each extra, so that even your competitors will want to stay with you!


5) Expand Your Range of Extras with Partners 🛍


As a short-term rental professional, it can be frustrating not to be able to offer certain extras to your travelers, whether it's because:

The solution? Find partners in your city!


Whether it's merchants (e.g. delicatessen, cocktail delivery) or service providers (e.g. taxi, home masseur), you can easily find a deal with them 🤝


Result: you expand your range, while taking a commission as an introducer of business!


6) You Sell Extras? Let It Be Known! 🎤


There are two main places to do this:

  • In the description of your ad with a catchy phrase. For example:
    • "Did you know? To give you the chance to spice up your stay, we offer you an unparalleled list of additional services at booking!"

notion image

7) Give to Receive 👏


Contrary to what everyone thinks, selling extras does not mean giving nothing for free.


But with travelers who are becoming more and more demanding, it is quite normal to be paid for services that go beyond the basic contract.


Let's take an example: you offer late departures?


Then offer 15 minutes for free, then charge if it is exceeded 🙂


BONUS) A striking page title and description 💥


With the title and description, you have the opportunity to say a few words (or convince) your guests !


It would therefore be a shame to put nothing there...

notion image

Here are some examples that you can use:



  • Spice up your stay with our extras ⬇️
  • For an even more successful stay, enjoy our extras ⬇️
  • Benefit from additional services for an unforgettable stay ⬇️
  • Add a touch of fun to your trip with our extras ⬇️
  • Make your stay more enjoyable with our additional options ⬇️
  • Enjoy small extras that can please and/or be useful ⬇️
  • Etc…


  • To make the most of it, please book at least 24 hours before your arrival
  • For any additional information, we remain reachable at …
  • Etc…


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