The checklist for irresistible photos in your Airbnb listings 📸


It is estimated that 80% of bookings on short-term rental platforms are made thanks to your photos.


In other words, it's the "heart-stopping effect" that triggers these reservations.


Here are 5 (+1 bonus) exclusive tips that will help you get irresistible photos for your Airbnb listings:


1) Careful staging 🪴


Here, there are two mistakes not to make:

  • The first is, of course, to not stage your accommodation at all.
  • But the second, on the contrary, would be to do "too much".

In fact, photos should allow guests to project themselves during their stay.

So, we will remain minimalist in decoration, while creating a cozy and lively atmosphere.


For example: you can set the table or put some books on the bedside table

notion image

2) Well-chosen lighting ✨


Just take a look on Airbnb: the most beautiful listings have bright photos.


But how can you make sure your photos are bright?


There are two types of lighting for your photos:


1) Natural light ☀️ plays a very important role in quality photos. → It will enhance your photos and make your accommodation even more lively.


2) External lights 💡in the accommodation: lamps, candles, hood, etc... → Their role is to give a warm aspect to your accommodation.


You understand that you will generally need to take your photos during the day with all external sources of light turned on.

notion image

3) Mix up the shots 👀


To help guests project themselves as much as possible in your accommodation, you need to give them as much information as possible in the photos.


To do this, the advice is simple: mix up your shots and angles in the photos.


We can take "wide-angle" photos, which give a broad view of your property.


But also "focus" photos, which zoom in on the decoration or particular elements.

Ex: The coffee corner, your cozy corner with cushions, etc...


All of this will give travelers a full and complete vision of your accommodation.


4) Take as many photos as possible 🎞️


Of course, it is recommended to put a reasonable number of photos on your Airbnb and listings


In fact, here is the ideal number of photos according to the size of your property:

  • 10 to 15 for a studio
  • 15 to 20 for a 1BR
  • 20 to 25 for a 2BR - House

However, you can NEVER have enough photos.


Imagine: you spend time preparing your property for photos.

Then even more time taking the photos...


When you do this work, DO NOT take the risk of doing it several times.

Do it well and in sufficient quantity by taking as many photos as possible.


It's better to delete a photo when you create your listing than to have to come back and redo everything.


5) Beware of reflections 🪞


Your enemy when taking photos for your Airbnb and Booking listings: reflections.

In fact, they can give an unprofessional look to your photos.


There are 3 main sources of reflections:

  • mirrors
  • glass surfaces (e.g. ceramic hobs, microwave...)
  • light points (e.g. shadows, light effects...)
notion image

BONUS) Quality equipment 🤳


Most smartphones today allow you to take quality photos, worthy of a semi-professional.


On the other hand, you can make a real difference with the help of a tripod.


For about 20$, you can get one on online sales sites.



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