Where and how to suggest your additional services sales link CozyUp ? 🔗


Today, we wanted to give you as much value as possible in a condensed article...


... to answer this question that often comes up:


"I love CozyUp, but I wonder where to offer my extra sales links?"


Before answering, you should know that users who offer 2 to 3x their link achieve 37% more sales!


That's just considerable.


But where to suggest them? That's what we're going to discover today...


(Before going further, make sure you have read our article "Automate the sale of your extras with your Channel Manager (Superhost, Beds24 ...)")


Pre-requisite) Create a personalized link on CozyUp ⚡️ ⚡️


To increase the trust of your guests and thus the conversion, it is important to create a personalized link for each property.


Nothing could be simpler: go to your listings:

notion image

Then provide a "custom ID" for each of them:

notion image

To obtain your personalized URL:

notion image

Thus, your link goes from this: https://app.cozyup.ai/c/9d1f27cb-a20c-4f12-bf84-6bc68504d4d7


To this: https://app.cozyup.ai/cid/examplecozyup


Nicer, right? :)

So let's move on to the number 1 recommended place to offer your extras...


1) Upon reservation confirmation 💌


Your guest has just booked a stay and is looking forward to arriving at your property...


This is the 1st place where you can offer him your extras :-)


In your automatic confirmation message, indicate a sentence like this:


P.s: Exclusively, we offer you the opportunity to spice up your stay with our additional services: [My CozyUp Link]

notion image

2) Before the arrival of the traveler 🧳


It has been some time since their reservation and the big day is soon:


Your guest is arriving at the accommodation in 2 or 3 days...


It's time to remind them to order their extras NOW if they want to enjoy them


Nothing like a reminder mixed with a bit of urgency to trigger a sale


In a message 24 to 72 hours before their arrival, here is an example of a message to send:


"Quick reminder: you have only 24 hours left to order your additional services and make the most of your stay: [My CozyUp Link]"

notion image

3) During the stay in your accommodation 🏠


It's a great idea to offer extras to your guests during their stay...


But how to do it?


Well, you can always offer it to them via a new message…


But we realized that varying the supports greatly increased conversion


This is why CozyUp offers you the possibility of generating a QR Code DIRECTLY in our application:

notion image


Are you not yet using CozyUp? Then come and enjoy your free account by clicking here 🪄