3 tips if your Airbnb bookings are slowing down 😟


"What can I do to get my bookings to increase?"


This is a question many short-term renters ask themselves on a daily basis…


... especially when bookings are down and guests aren't rushing to the front door


So while you can't control EVERYTHING


Especially WHEN guests are searching and booking their stay...


... you can still position yourself in the best conditions.


For you today, here are 3 tips that you can implement immediately:


1) Have the best possible "base" on your listing 🏠


The first obvious tip: start by making sure that the base of your Airbnb listing is as qualitative as possible.


So yes, there are factors that you cannot change like the location or the surface of the accommodation...


Nevertheless, you can make sure that the rest of the elements of your accommodation are in their best light:


Quality photos, adequate ad description, fair and attractive price etc...

notion image

In fact, even experienced hosts can benefit from a reminder of the "basics" and challenge themselves.


(In fact, that's when we need it the most)


These elements are important to keep in mind, especially in these uncertain times when you never know what to do with your bookings


For that, we invite you to consult on our blog the previous articles that speak about these subjects.


2) Make sure your accommodations stand out ✨


To illustrate this tip, just do a quick test:


Go to any city on Airbnb, and run a search.


Result: accommodations with qualitative and original photos will IMMEDIATELY catch the eye:

notion image

As a short-term renter, you MUST be among these accommodations.


You will have to make sure that your accommodation stands out from the competition, especially on the search page...


... BEFORE the traveler clicks on your ad.


For this, you can use carefully chosen furniture or a recent decoration


All this to make your ad more attractive to guests.


Finally, don't forget the importance of professional photographs.

(Photos taken with a cell phone are NOT enough if you want to be among the first)


If you want your listing to stand out and you can afford it, hire a professional photographer to create attractive images of your home.


It's actually quite simple: think like a traveler when designing your property and make sure the atmosphere and price point match your target audience.


3) Don't lower your nightly rates right away 💰


Don't necessarily lower your nightly rates just because customers are booking later and at the last minute…


... especially if the average booking rate in your area is not high


Because even though bookings may seem slower, nightly rates and overall revenues continue to increase year over year.


(In fact, by 2023, several expert sites are predicting a 1.7% increase in average nightly rates.)


So don't let the rumors on Facebook groups or in the press scare you


Because even though things may look a little different compared to the past, people are still traveling more and more on STR :

notion image

So just make sure your ad is perfectly prepared to meet this demand...



By following these tips, you can run your Airbnb like a pro and provide a quality experience to your guests while maximizing your revenue.


Remember, the success of your business depends on your ability to provide quality service and meet the needs of guests.


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For the rest of you, happy sales... 🚀