How to make the most of your CozyUp trial period?

Justin Arkad
February 6, 2023

⚠️ Following our latest update, CozyUp is now FREE!


CozyUp pays you 7% if you get an order...

... leaving 93% in YOUR pocket!



You know it : we offer you a 14-day free trial to sell your additional services with CozyUp


No credit card is required and there is no commitment!


However, it seems important to start on the right foot to allow you to quickly make your first sale


And for that, here are 5 tips to apply to your account creation:


1) Determine your goals 🔭


The reasons why you want to get started may be multiple:

  • Increase your turnover
  • Stand out in your sector
  • Improve guests satisfaction
  • Etc...

This will allow you to understand why we collaborate together and what the first actions to take


And this leads us immediately to point 2...


2) Launch your extras quickly, but simply 💨


It is well known that we are less inclined to do something when it is new


Don't panic: just go step by step...


How? By starting with selling simple extras to set up and easy to offer


Examples: Late checkout or Early checkin ⏰ - Parking spot 🚗 - Additional bed linen 🛌 - Additional pet fee 🐶 - Personal key handover 🔑 - etc...

notion image

Remember: you will always have the opportunity later to offer more extras...


But it is only the act of getting started that will give you your first sales (and nothing else)


3) Start with your best properties 🏠


Do you have a good feeling about some properties? Test them first!


Again: the goal is to get started quickly, but especially effectively.


If you manage, for example, 12 apartments...


... and 4 of them seem relevant to launch your extra sales


Then launch them first!


4) Read our articles and ask for advice 🤝


Remember: we are here to help you sell your additional services.


Step 1: To start, be sure to have read our different articles on the blog


We are often told that they are full of value: Click to read the articles


Step 2: Watch our demo and be inspired by our model page based on best practices


Step 3: If you still have a question, you can ask for help from the support team or the online community


We look forward to seeing your success :)



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