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What our partners say

The application has become indispensable for us... We generate more revenue with the same number of properties thanks to the sale of extras.
Our sales have taken off since we started using CozyUp (+40%)... It's now essential for our company's growth.
Travelers appreciate my additional services. CozyUp has become very useful for growing my revenue!
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Most common questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CozyUp work?
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CozyUp allows short-term rental hosts to generate more revenue through additional sales (extra amenities, additional nights, partner services...)

To do this, simply import your properties into CozyUp with one click, create your stores with our integrated payment system, and then automatically share them with your guest.

Here is an example store here.

How will guests see the services I offer?
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You can share your store URLs via the following means:

  • - directly from our CozyUp guest notification system (platform chat or SMS)
  • - in your message templates on your Channel Managers / PMS by inserting the URL of your store for your guest
  • - via the QR codes provided on your CozyUp account that you can display in your properties for your guests

How much does CozyUp cost?
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CozyUp works on commission, there are no fixed fees.

If you don't make sales, you pay nothing.

The commission amount is 7% for the host + 7% for the guest (with a maximum cap of $4.99 for guests)

Example: for a late check-out order of $10, you receive $9.30 and the guest pays $10.70

Can I sell whatever I want, at my own prices?
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Of course!

You can sell whatever you want at the prices of your choice.

To help you find the right price, price suggestions are available on our extra models inspired by the best sales on CozyUp.

Is it legal to do additional sales in my properties?
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It is perfectly legal to do additional sales in your properties.

To learn more, CozyUp has dedicated an article on this topic here.

Is it legal to sell alcohol?
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Yes, it is possible to sell alcohol BUT you must comply with the regulations.

To do this, make sure to check and follow the specific laws and licensing requirements that apply in your location.

If I a property manager in France, can I sell additional services (even without the G card)?
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Of course!

A large part of CozyUp users are property managers.

Not all of them have the G card.

How do I receive the money from my orders?
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We use Stripe, the most secure payment processor on the market.

When you receive an order, the funds are transferred to your Stripe account.

You can then decide which bank account you want to send this money to.

Can I use multiple Stripe accounts?
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Absolutely, it is possible to use different Stripe accounts on CozyUp.

This way, you can define the Stripe account you want to use for each property.

How long does it take to receive the money from an order in my bank account?
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On average, you receive the money within 3 to 10 days after the order payment.

Are you connected to channel managers or property management systems?
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CozyUp is currently connected to 16 channel managers / property management systems.

A direct connection to Airbnb is also available.

Thus, you can synchronize your properties on CozyUp with one click and benefit from unique features.

Do I have to have a channel manager to use CozyUp?
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While a channel manager allows you to synchronize your properties on CozyUp more quickly, it is not mandatory to enjoy CozyUp.

Is it possible to request order validation?
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It is possible to enable order validation when certain services are requested to ensure that you can meet the demands.

Is it possible to block last-minute orders?
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Yes, it is possible to set minimum required time frames between the order date and the guest's arrival date for each of your products and services.

This way, you avoid last-minute orders.

I don't know what to sell... can you help me?
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We recommend starting simply with the list of extra models inspired by the best sales on CozyUp (early check-in, late check-out, additional linen, etc...).

This list is directly accessible in your account.

We have also written an article with a list of 43 upsell ideas to offer, visit here.

If you want to be accompanied, you can make an appointment here.

Do guests need to download an app or create an account?
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No account creation or app is required.

Guests view the online stores you have created and order directly from them.

Create my store